Friday, January 4, 2013

Just a New Year

Rodney Yee, Lauren, really? My Sister, Christmas Eve 2012

Yes, Rodney Yee still. Yes, my last post. I started my blog with all of the gusto that a newcomer does to any role. I was excited with so much to say and so much to do and learn. I knew I would never be one of THOSE people. You know the kind who are all vim and vigor and die out within a few months. I was in it for the long haul. Well, I can shamefully admit that we are all vulnerable and can let life get the best of us. Admittedly I got really busy and the technical ins and outs of navigating the online world were even more challening than I had anticipated. Sometimes I look at successful people and beyond the luck they seem to experience I wonder how they manage to fit it all in. Do these people never have banking snafus, late nights at work, relationship issues or family drama? How do they manage to keep it all together?

Well, I cannot answer this question fully since I am still working on it. I am guilty of being too tired and letting life overwhelm me. But the purpose of my blog, hence, the name was to just be your best self. It's sort of appropriate after a little blog hiatus plus the decadence of the holidays. Even though I do take pride in the fact that I'm a healthy balanced eater who usually makes smart choices I was taken in by the siren call of the holidays. Wine, Christmas Cookies, lavish dinners and all sorts of things that I don't usually indulge in are a little hard to resist when they are around all of the time. It's easy to adopt a "why not" policy.

We're all human and have our slip ups from time to time in every aspect of our lives. Since it's a new year, we all deserve a bit of a re-start to get back to where we really want to be. I feel like New Year's Resolutions have become a little bit of a joke in the sense that we all know that we will blow it off at some point. I say to examine what you really want and need and make it a priority. The start of 2013 is just as good an excuse as any to give us that nudge to move forward and seize the day.