Monday, October 29, 2012

Just Barleans

"In our family there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing"...Old Norman, A River Runs Through It

Fish Oil. I seriously dreaded this supplement for the longest time. The pills are on the large side and truth be told you would have to take a lot to get anywhere near the recommended dosage. You are supposed to have a gram per percentage of body fat. Unless you eat fish every day you really need a supplement.

I tried the liquid a while ago and it was dreadful. It was like swallowing oil and the taste lingered long after I took it. I had switched from the pills to Carlson which promised to be the finest in fish oil with a lemon or orange flavor. I couldn't hack it. It sat untouched in my refrigerator for months. So I had switched from pills to liquid, but since I could not bring myself to take it, my Omega-3 quota went to zero.

I have mentioned Dr. John Berardi on my blog before, and I think he's pretty amazing. He has helped people tremendously with his Lean Eating Coaching program which is totally focused on habit change rather than any type of diet program. His first habit that he wants his clients to follow is having their recommended fish oil dosage every day. They do not have to make any other changes yet, but he wants them to institute this new daily ritual. Ironically even though I naturally have a lot of habits that Berardi suggests, this was very tough for me to do. Until, one day I was perusing one of my favorite sites - when I came across Barlean's Organic Oils. They have their own site at I was intrigued and surprised that it got mostly positive reviews from users. It promised to not have an oily texture or taste, but rather claimed to posses the taste and texture of a fruit smoothie. I honestly did not believe it to be true, but at only about $20 a bottle I took a gamble. Surprisingly, this stuff is delicious. It has the taste of a thick fruit drink with no lingering aftertaste. You do not even know it's oil. I checked the ingredients list several times figuring there had to be some terrible substance in it. Shockingly, there isn't. Omega-3's have numerous benefits including: hormonal health, cholesterol, bone density and mental health. It also promotes fast loss which is the reason Berardi supports it so emphatically.

I would definitely recommend this product over everything I've tried. My boyfriend loves it so much that he often likes to put it on food like Greek yogurt or coconut ice cream. I would not go that far, but I can definitely appreciate his enthusiasm for my discovery.

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