Friday, October 19, 2012

Just Switch

"Intentions Count In Your Actions"...Abu Bakr

How is it possible? On Tuesday night, after dinner and catching up with my boyfriend for the day I am finding myself sucked into Dancing with the Stars of all things. I have been a devout watcher for some seasons, but I have hardly watched any of the "All Stars" extravaganza that is happening now. Is it that I'm just that tired or is the siren song of reality television this strong? I do not watch that much TV, but when you only have a few hours to get everything done at night an hour or two is probably quite a bit. I like the TV as background but sometimes you can't help but get distracted by what's happening on the screen. I read a very interesting book recently entitled "Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard". It was a study regarding the battle within ourselves. We have intentions or goals, but it can be hard to overcome the emotional pull that can be very strong and puts a halt to our progress. Change can be very difficult even if we want it very badly.

For example, you want to eat healthy and workout 4 days this week. You desire this change and plan to do it. Monday goes well, but then Tuesday you hit a snag. There's a platter of cookies at work and you can't resist one. One may turn into a couple and you feel like you've already ruined it so why bother exercising. It can be a downward spiral. What was it about the cookie that was so enticing? Well, of course cookies are delicious, but was it worth the sacrifice? Maybe your mom used to make cookies and it reminds you of your childhood and you couldn't help indulge.This scenario can be played out in so many situations. It's all about knowing ourselves and finding a way to make the path easier. Unfortunately, maybe you are the type who can't just have one cookie. Recognize it and stay away from the platter or corporate break room! For me, I always have a lot of projects I would like to do in the evening, and I have every intention of making a dent in this to do list. But then I get home and have dinner and the night gets away from me. This past Sunday, I made sure to cook all my meals for the week because it truly helps free up time on the week nights. That way I can set aside time to work get things done a little time to relax and watch TV or read.If you have goals you want to make into reality you have to write them down and then figure out how you're going to make them happen. Desire is not enough, you need a plan to guide the way.

On a somewhat related note, I have been very excited this week that I was selected as a potential Face of Fitness with Fitness Magazine! I am in the running to become this week's Reader's Choice winner. Vote here

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