Monday, September 24, 2012

Just Zumba

"No one puts baby in the corner"...Johnny Castle, Dirty Dancing

Or do they? Zumba is a latin dance craze that has become a popular feature at many a local gym. I hear a lot of people say they love it, and that it hardly feels like you are working out...I guess because they are having so much fun. Interesting. I can move around on a dance floor, but following a specific routine on the fly is not a specialty of mine.

So this past Friday night, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and give this dance-a-thon a try. I was running late of course from silly rush hour traffic that I didn't anticipate on a Friday afternoon. So I jumped right in with a group of about seven women who were all moving at different paces and levels.

There was a lot of cha-cha-cha and what felt a little bit like dancing at a wedding. You know how you become excited when you hear music you have heard before? So it was a little awkward at first, but gradually as I became more comfortable during the class I was moving a little more fluidly. The hour did go by rather fast and the positive spirit in the room was kind of catching.

I would not say it was an intense workout. I am sure they are all different but this class was not.  However, it did get my heart rate going and after a full day at work it simply felt good to move. I am not sure if I will return every Friday night to the class, but when the mood strikes I think it may make a guest appearance.

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